8 Investment Ideas That Will Enrich You

Want to make an investment for the future but don’t know how to? Everyone’s intended to make a Guaranteed investment.  There is a list of investments that will be valued for close future you must check it. Maybe you can be one of the future millionaires with help of these investments you can never know

1-) Buy a Land in Mars

buy-a-land-in-marsMars lands have caught most popular output after the moon you have possibilities to buy them from ‘’Lunar embassy” in USA California and different countries that will have a representative. You can be proud for being a neighbor with some of the celebrities like Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger, and Jennifer Lopez then can watch out your land with a telescope and dive into dreams. By the way, life in the world can end until we retired. Never known.

2-) Follow currency stuff like bitcoin and lightcoin

bitcoinNow virtual money is vogue like other virtual stuff. İts legal in many countries so there is a lot of advantage. Low inflation risk, a risk of the slump is low because it’s not connected with any government even you can carry a value of millions of dollars inside tiny memory card! In close future most of the shopping system will be digital payment and wallet uses will be decreased in our opinion you have to bear in mind that.

3-) Make the investment to mine-bearing companies

space-miningPlanetary Resources Company, established for getting a mineral that worth like 1 trillions of dollars inside a meteorite and getting them into the world. It is getting a support by space tourist entrepreneur Eric Anderson, Founder of X-Prize Peter Diamandis, former US presidential candidate Ross Perot and old NASA astronaut Tom Jones. Even the idea of a space mining initiative to set up a fuel tank to space in 2020. Even James Cameron has invested, you will not!

4-) If your house is detached, cover with solar panels

solar-panelsYou can set-up your house with solar energy system and you will receive electric power between 2-20KW in the roof of your house. (The average electrical energy required by a standard apartment block varies from 1.0KW to 2.5KW) Investing solar energy for your home gives you a lot of advantages: You bring your electricity for free, you will not be affected by power cuts, you can protect the environment for your grandkids. It’s also life, tomorrow you may sell energy to the state!

5-) Collect old toys like Gameboy, Tamagotchi.

gameboyYou may be surprised at the number of collectors of cult toys that have not been produced anymore like Gameboy, Tamagotchi. Grab all of these nostalgic objects they are about to cast from your companion. He’s making a lot of money on eBay, telling us.

6-) Invest in classic cars.


The classic car world has reached the level of billion Euros in the European market and in the world. Classic cars, formerly seen as rich hobbies, are now a sector in itself. If you love, take them; in the worst scenario, you will rent them for series!

7-) Collect artworks that will go up to 10 times after creator die


Although contemporary art collection is a risky business, if you trust it in sight, it is possible to notice at first glance the works that will bring value to hundreds of times after 10 years. You can found artworks passing by chance, or found on the roof of your grandmother. you can turn this investment into a short-term lease by selling it to your curiosity-fanatic

8 -) Grab the domain names on the Internet.

domain investment

One-part domain names get the danger of extinction in every second so in same second gets more value to. Organizations that aspire to your domain name can choke you to higher sums without breaking your eyes. Same goes for Facebook pages. But be creative, if possible, please.

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Omg’ I could never dream human will be able to buy a land in mars. If I had money I would absolutely invest in