How To Increase Adsense Earnings

How to increase Adsense earnings ? Google has started Adsense program on March 2003. Adsense is a advertisement system that shows ads which is related about your website’s category. Bloggers and website owners get paid when they get a click on their Adsense ads. Because of its easiness , Adsense has occured as an additional income source. Even though it’s an easy way to make money with placing advertisement to your website, a blogger needs very much traffic to make good money. So If you are interested to increase your Adsense earnings you can get information about it here. After you read it you will probably make more money from Adsense.

Let’s look up how will you increase Adsense earnings.

How to Increase Adsense Earnings Easily ?


  • The key of increasing the Adsense revenue is getting more visitors to your website. Also , the way of getting more traffic is giving significant and valuable content to visitors. To make your Adsense salary greater, you should focus on creating contents in problem solving category.

SEO & Adsense

adsense seo

  • I recommend you to make a detailed research for finding the keywords bringing visitors. After you have found it you ought to work on your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rise on Google search results. When you do a right seo work the visitors who are looking for your content would be able to find your website or blog easier.
  • SEO skills help you to optimize your content and website structure. As we mentioned at last paragraph, your google ranking would rise. Hence, you should improve your SEO skills. You may subscribe free SEO courses online.
  • Slow running website, long URL’s, missing meta description tags, missing alt tags are common website issues that effects your performance. Use SEO tools and fix them.

Design & Hosting

adsense templates

  • You must use a responsive theme for your blog. Your desing has to be useable on any device. There are a lot of flexible and responsive themes for every blog service. By doing this you won’t lose the traffic from mobile and other devices.
  • Your website must be hosted by strong hosting service. Because your hosting service is like a backbone of your website. If it is not good and fast enough, your SEO works and website accelerating works will not make any advantages.

Placing Ads & Doing Tests

a/b test adsense

  • Placing your Adsense Ad Units to right place give a fillip your visitors to click ads. To make your ads more visible place them over the content or sidebar.
  • Do tests on your website. The test that known as A/B test compares two different version of the same page to see which one is performancing more. This helps to increase adsense earnings by finding the best variation of your website.

All this tips will work if your website has qualified and unique content. Therefore, your first purpose should be publishing the best content. Increasing the Adsense Income should be the second priority.

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