How To Make Money From A Blog

Making money is not easy. However, if you use your mind you can find easier ways to get money. I’m hearing that you are asking “Easier than what?”. Making money from a blog is not as easy as you think. But it is surely easier than any regular job. You can gain really good amounts from writing a blog. If you ask “how to make money from a blog” this article will illuminate you. Keep reading.

How much money can I make with my blog?


First of all, the answer depends on you. Most of us read news or magazines on the internet. Have you ever thought why they publish everything immediately? Why are they tracking every event on the world? Is this a hobby? Of course not. They’re doing those because it turns them back as money. They all want to publish every feature first. As we can conclude from this case if we need to make money from a blog we have to compete with some people. If we win the competition we can get more money. Shortly, If you do your best you can get really good money. If you don’t, you can still make money with your blog but it might be a low amount for you.

Where bloggers get money from?

where-bloggers-make-money-fromMost of us work with Google Adsense. We use Google ads on too. However, Google has principles. It does not work with every blog or website. If you want to have Google Ads on your blog you must be writing unique contents. You should also read the Adsense Policies before you apply. One of those policies is “not sharing illegal content”. You should not publish any inappropriate post on your blog. This kinda stuff may help you to gain more traffic but it is a crime and reliable advertisers do not work with these blogs. Hence, I advise you to create a blog about your interests. If you choose a niche that you are experienced you will be able to write more qualified. Qualified contents rise fast on search engines. In this way, advertisers going to find you. Your applications on ad companies will mostly get accepted. Then you start to make money from your blog.

How many hours a day do I have to work on my blog to make money?

At the beginning, It may take much time. Because you are going to make a plan about your articles first. Also, you need to work on your blog’s appearance. When the structure of your blog gets ready you will just write and publish posts. As I said in the previous paragraph, writing articles is not difficult but you must be knowledgeable about what you’re writing. Otherwise, your blogging journey might turn into a spamming journey. In the case, you just create a info loaded looking spam article. It affects your visitors’ attitude. Even though you get visitors their session duration won’t be as long as you need. Therefore, you should build well-looking blog page and full it with useful, unique posts. By the time you will get used to doing your blog jobs and you will plan your time. Do not forget that blogging is not just a hobby, it is sometimes an income source for your living expenses.

Where should I start to make money from a blog?

start bloggingFirstly, you have to decide which blog service you are going to use. WordPress and Blogger are the most popular ones. I won’t do a comparison like “WordPress vs blogger“. You can find billions of comparison if you Google it. After you made your decision, you must select an appropriate blog niche. I’m calling it as appropriate niche, not a money making niche! We have mentioned it too much. If you read all of the articles you already know the reason for choosing an appropriate niche. After you create your blog you just need to publish posts regularly. You should track the trends about your niche. Never miss trends. When you catch those, just start writing about them. This method will grab visitors to your blog. More traffic means more gain.


Making money with a blog is a good idea for new entrepreneurs on the internet. Also, it seems like blogging will be never down. Because there is always something to write about. Start your blog idea today!

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