How to Make Money From Youtube [Detailed Guide]

How to make money from YouTube is a frequent asked question. For the people wondering what sidejob to invest in, we continue to research the sidejob opportunities and various ways of making money

A British family published a 57 second long video about their children and made about 150k dollars. Why would you just sit there when there’s that kind of profits going around? And it doesn’t have to be like a sidejob, it can even be like your hobby… You can earn truly unpredictable amounts of money just by uploading videos on Youtube.

There are many people wondering how to make money from Youtube. If you are interested in the topic, keep on reading.

In summary, you can make Youtube money as a Youtube partner. You put ads on your videos and you get a certain percentage of the money made out of the ad clicks. You can earn about 1$ to 5$ per 1.000 views.

Being a Youtube partner isn’t too straightforward like being an Adsense publisher. There are simple steps of being a Youtube partner below:

How To Make Money From Youtube [How to be YouTube Partner]

 1 – Make sure you have an Adsense account

The money and the statistics from the ads in your Youtube videos are shown in your Adsense account. That’s why it’s a necessity.

In theory, you can be a Youtube partner before you open your Adsense account. But our recommendation is opening the Adsense account first.

2 – Increase your number of viewers on Youtube


When evaluating your application, Youtube users check your viewer count as the most important criteria. They value the approximations of the numbers below:

  • At least 1.000 subscribers
  • All videos are viewed at least 1.000 times
  • At least 1.000 total viewers

These are the minimum numbers. If we were you, we would multiply these numbers by five.

 3 – Upload videos on a regular basis

Even if your videos went viral, having only one or two videos will increase the possibility of your application to get rejected. That’s why Youtube looks for people to work with in long term.

Uploading more often and more planned will increase your chance of success. For example, someone uploading videos daily has a higher chance than someone who uploads videos once every two weeks.

Make sure you have at least 100 videos before you apply for being a Youtube partner. ( some say 50 is enough, too )

 4 – Create a brand

This step is not so important but may help you to be accepted. Don’t forget that even if you get over with the technical necessities, someone else will decide if you will be a Youtube partner or not. In other words, you will have a higher chance if you look more professional.


Open a website to publish your videos and to be able to interact with your viewers more.

Design a beatiful logo and use that logo everywhere.

Use your logo and a watermark in your videos.

Think of a professional intro for your videos.

Specialize your Youtube channel to make it look more professional

Make sure that you don’t have any content that violates copyright laws.

One of the biggest factors that makes your application get rejected is violating copyright laws. Thus you need your content to be free of material protected with copyright.

This includes images, graphs, logos, video clips and also auditory materials. A background music you are using without permission can be the reason you are rejected.

6 – Applying for Youtube Partnership


If you followed the steps we talked about, you are ready for application. You can apply on the Youtube partner program page. It may take a while for your application to be accepted since there are many people who apply for the program, but once they accept you, ads will start being used on your videos. This is like a test for checking your channel’s interaction with viewers. 


If you go through the right way your YouTube Partnership application will be accepted. Then, you will start to make money with YouTube. We hope our “how to make money from YouTube” article has been useful and illuminating for you.


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