Make More Money With Clickbait Method

What is clickbait?

what is clickbaitWe can say clickbait is the misleading titles, images, videos, and likewise we use to direct users to a certain page we want.Many news sites and youtube channels use the method of clickbait, but some of them go so far while doing so. We do see misleading titles on videos and click them, and see that the content has nothing to do with the title and close the video before 2 minutes.It’s a reality that if you have a website or youtube channel, you should learn to use the method of clickbait efficiently.

How to make clickbait?

how-to-make-clickbaitThere is one main point while clickbaiting; Let’s say you have a youtube video and you put a misleading title to the video while the video had little or no relevance to the title. The viewer will see this and leave the video in 2 minutes, and this will worsen your statistics.This example applies not only to youtube channels, but also to blogs. Let’s inspect the clickbait method with another example.Let’s assume that there is an article about Linux operating systems on a blog. The title can be ‘Linux operating systems’, but with a title this dull, most of the users will not be slightly interested in the post let alone clicking it. You’ll need to decorate the title a little.

For example;

  • Operating systems hackers use!
  • Fastest operating systems of the world!
  • Operating systems that don’t need antiviruses!

But don’t mislead too much while making the title. User will leave your site after 10 seconds if you do so. Think thoroughly about the title.

Benefits of the clickbait method

If you make clickbait without going so far in a professional way, it’s possible that you will get an incredible feedback. You’ll just need to decorate the title instead of writing the title directly.

And you’ll;

  • Higher your popularity,
  • Get a lot more views,
  • Get more users to click on ads.

Harms of the clickbait system

There will be a negative aftermath if you use clickbait inprofessionally and go so far.

  • Users will spend a lot less time on your blog or youtube channel.
  • You can be subject to negative comments.
  • You can make a bad fame.
  • The users can stop clicking on your site after the first time when they see you on search results.

But still, you can get incredible feedback if you do clickbait professionally.

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